Megan Garrett-Jones
POETRY AND MUSIC COLLABORATION AT FREE RANGE CANTERBURY Thursday 19th of April 2018 09:45:16 AM Post tagged as: spoken word, Performance, Free Range, collaboration

I have been working a bit lately to put spoken word to music. I'm sure more theatrical elements will ensue.

I finally managed to upload a bit of the video of a collaboration I did with composer Nicholas deCarlo that we performed at the launch of CISA Local a 12" vinyl compliation at Free Range, Canterbury, 16 November 2017 for Migro Records and CISA. (Composition, Improvisation and Sound Art Unit, Canterbury Christ Church University.) Free Range is a regular experimental sound and performance evening currently at home in Garage Cafe. link

This is Sunset, originally a track from Nick's album Gargarin Red Dawn, that we worked on together to involve spoken word.

Sunset - Collaboration from Megan Garrett-Jones on Vimeo.