Megan Garrett-Jones
Things with Words at Ramsgate Festival Sunday 13th of August 2017 10:06:54 AM Post tagged as: Performance, Writing

For the fourth installment of Things With Words, I was invited to organise an event at Vinyl Head Café and Record Store for a series curated by David Jennies for Ramsgate Festival called ‘Follow the Muse’. Things With Words is a sporadic spoken word event that which came out of too many quiet Wednesdays at my friendly local pub in Ramsgate.

Vinyl Head, recently licensed, is promising to be quite a hub for creative exploits. I won’t miss this chance to repost this short video of me wearing a garbage bag and reciting alongside Bob and Roberta Smith’s ‘Apathy Band’ the week previous.

Things With Words events are themed by my current ideological obsessions and coincidence, which is to say, I provide a little suggestive focus, and often, serendipitously, the contributions by writers gel in a magical way. It is a combination of open mic and invited (coerced?) performances.

Not content to do something in a straightforward manner, I also decided to explore some of the themes through a radio podcast, my second now for Ramsgate Music Hall Radio. I have got some very heartening feedback, so I can confidently encourage you to find an hour to LISTEN TO THIS.

The idea was something about sense and meaning-making. I wanted to encourage audiences not to consider obscurity in poetry as problematic but as an act or deed* within practices of reading – precisely a way of doing things with words.

The readers were Simon Medhurt, Khusro Jaleel, Apollinarya Orlova, Martin Hodcroft, Marrianne Dussard Neaderthal Bard and Andrew Gibson. I’ve got some great photos of the evening taken by Dik Ng, but I’m currently in a different country to my hard drive, so I will post them on my return.

*This idea is explored in 'How Reading is Written: A Brief Index to Gertrude Stein by Astrid Lorange.